Ceramic Membranes

With many thousands of square meters of ceramic membranes manufactured and sold over the last two decades, TAMI Industries has earned its status as one of the main players in the ceramic filtration domain. With TAMI's expertise in creating advanced filters, their unique designs and materials and their international patents, innovation and efficiency are key to their success. It is Membracon's goal to provide separation solutions specific to your industrial applications problems.

cerammemTAMI ceramic membranes, together with our knowledge and experience in process- and process engineering makes Membracon the ideal partner. TAMI Industries designs and manufactures industrial ceramic filters (membranes) for the separation of molecules of liquids in fine ultrafiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration. Membrane: A thin material structure split into two compartments, allowing the passage of selected molecules and the blockage of others, under the effect of a driving force, of substances between these two compartments. The membrane function is very simple: it is like a sieve ("TAMIS" in French), with holes smaller than the molecules you want to retain and larger than the ones you want to pass through.

The aim of the manufacturer of membranes consists of determining the size of these pores for a given molecule group. The membrane is a tubular shape of ceramic tube with many channels, it has active layers which define the porosity (cut off) of the filter. Based on these active layers, the holes are smaller or larger in order to allow passage of only the desired molecules. All the levels of cut off values are possible: from 1Kg/mol to 1.4 microns (fine ultrafiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration). Ceramic membranes advantages : Resistant to high temperature Resistant to high pressure Resistant to acids and bases (pH 0-14) Resistant to solvents Long useful operating life Economical in challenging applications Environmentally friendly.