Tubular ceramic membranes entirely made for food processing & bio-industries.The ISOFLUX™ membrane improves performances of existing separations and allows separations which were difficult or impossible to make before.The ISOFLUX™ membrane allows to obtain a constant permeate flux on each point of the membrane without using a complex and expensive system.To obtain this result the thickness of the separating layer decreases from the inlet to the outlet in order that the ratio pressure/thickness of the layers stays constant. In opposition to classical membranes for which the permeate flux decreases from the inlet to the outlet, the ISOFLUX™ membrane allows to obtain a permeate flux independent on the position where it is measured.


External diameter Ø 25 L=1178mm*

External diameter 25 25  25 
Number of channels 08 23 39
Hydraulic diameter 6 3,5 2,5
Area (sqm) 0,20 0,35 0,5
Available cut-offs** MTF MTF MTF
* Available lengths: 1020, 1178 mm.
** MFT 0,14µm, 0,20 µm, 0,45 µm, 0,80 µm, 1,2 µm, 1,4 µm.


  • Food processing:
  • Milk bacteria removal
  • Whey bacteria removal
  • Milk casein / whey protein separation
  • Fat / protein separation from whey
  • Syrup bacteria removal
  • Bio-industry:
  • Enzyme / protein extraction from the fermentation broth
  • Bacteria / active principal separation


  • High performances
  • Simple use (classic filtration loop)
  • Flexible use (important latitude in terms of work, pressure, standard cleaning)
  • Reduced risk of fouling because?All the channels work in identicaly way
  • The membrane layer remains fine despite its tichkness gradient
  • The support of membrane is standard
  • Geometrical configuration compatible with other existing industrial units.