Membracon Process Separation B.V. has an agreement with Chisso Corporation, a Japanese corporation, having its principal place of business in Tokyo for selling Cellufine chromatography media products in the Benelux.


Cellufine is the liquid chromatography media for the purification of proteins, enzymes and other bio-active substances. Since it is made from spherical cellulose particles having high chemical stability, high mechanical strength and bio-compatibility, it is suitable for the production in the pharmaceutical and food industry.
Leaking from this matrix is much less than that from the synthetic polymer media.

Cellufine product range covers all liquid chromatography modes (Gel Filtration, Ion Exchanger, Affinity and Hydrophobic Interaction chromatography) in order to purify target molecules to requested specifications. In addition, Chisso can provide custom made grades corresponding to user requests, such as the ion exchanger made from big beads and the affinity with a designated ligands.

The production of Cellufine is guaranteed by ISO 9001 and 14000.


Cellufine MAX

Cellufine MAX is the new name of 2ndgeneration Cellufine chromatography media.

Cellufine MAX strong ion exchangers are highly cross-linked, surface modified media with high dynamic binding capacities and stability at high flow velocities.

These high performance optimized media offer significant  opportunity for increasing downstream purification throughput.

Chisso has developed new technology to enhance speed and selectivity. New cross-linking technologies have been employed to create more robust base beads operable at high flow and pressure. Advanced surface modification techniques dramatically increase ligand availability which translates to higher dynamic binding capacities. Cellulose can be adapted for high flow while maintaining large pores.