Engineered Systems

Membracon Process Separations designs and manufacturers cross-flow filtration systems with tami ceramic membranes.


Since its founding in 2004, Membracon offers its expertise in membrane filtration in the Food- and Beverage, Bio-pharma, Environment and Dairy Industries to design, built and automate custom engineered systems based on the functional requirements of its customers.

Membracon also offers pilot systems for testing and evaluation of TAMI ceramic membranes in different applications. With our many years of experience, Membracon has become a recognized company in the world of membrane filtration.

Membracon’s team has extensive knowledge in membrane separation techniques, making it the ideal partner to bring you solutions in line with what you are looking for.



Membracon’s team is a mix of specialists in:

Process Engineering
Electrical / Automation in cooperation with Kanters Elektro in Erp
Mechanical / Piping in cooperation with Van Dinther RVS Bewerking in Geffen

Together as a team we will respond to your request by offering technical solutions tailored to your needs. If you want a project or optimize your processes, please contact us.