Normal Flow Membrabe Cartridges

Membracon Process Separations B.V. sells filtration cartridges in the Benelux manufactured by Critical Process Filtration, Inc.®


Critical Process Filtration, Inc.® is a manufacturer and supplier of premium process filtration products and services to industries in which filtration is considered to be a critical part of the manufacturing process. Their line of products includes filtration cartridges, membrane filters, liquid filters, capsule and depth filters made of industry standard materials such as polypropylene, nylon, fiberglass, micro fiberglass, polyethersulfone and Teflon. Membracon can serve your industrial filtration needs in specialties such as - pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical processing and electronics.

About Critical Process Filtration, inc.

Critical Process Filtration, Inc. is dedicated to offering superior quality products at the lowest cost possible. The industries they supply rely on filtration as a critical part of the manufacturing process - the goal is to provide them with robust and effective filtration backed with custom, expert support.

With a thorough understanding of process and labor, they're experts at optimizing cost per volume and giving the right equipment at the right size and price.

Custom Capabilities

With industry expertise and comprehensive laboratory support, we'll design a system or product selection to meet your manufacturing needs, while optimizing process economics.

  • Compatibility test for filter materials and identification of filter contaminants
  • Flow decays to optimize a filtration process
  • Custom Cartridge manufacturing
  • Assistance in internal QA/QC/validation
  • Particle counting on any fluid