Food And Beverage Filters

Food and Beverage grade cartridges have been designed to comply with all FDA requirements for the food industry. We offer a wide selection of Pleated and Depth cartridges to meet your filtration requirements.

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Special attention is given to the pleated depth and membrane cartridges. All are flushed with 17+ megohm-cm water to ensure that no manufacturing debris remain downstream to contaminate your product. This washing also ensures that all extractables, which may affect the taste of the product, are removed.

Cartridges are designed to give maximum throughput and handle cleaning and sanitization protocols well.

Our goal is to ensure you the greatest possible value for your filtration dollar. We achieve both low-cost manufacture and high quality by employing state-of-the-art, computer-controlled manufacturing equipment. Our processes are highly automated, reducing hand operations that compromise quality.



  Pleated Membrane Media Pleated Depth Media
Data sheets VPS (pdf) FPS (pdf) FNM (pdf) FGD (pdf) FPD (pdf)
Filtration Media Polyethersulfone Polyethersulfone  Nylon Fiberglass  Polypropylene 
Pore Size 0.22µm - 1.2µm 0.03µm-1.2µm 0.1µm-0.65µm 0.30µm-30µm  0.1µm-100µm 

Depth filters:

Data sheets GDMB (pdf) XSPD (pdf) NSPD (pdf)
Filtration Media Melt Blown Polypropylene Polypropylene Bicomponent Hydrophilic Polypropylene 
Pore Size 1.00µm-100µm  0.30µm-50µm  1.0µm-50µm 

Speciality Filters:

Model  SC  ABC
Data sheets SC (pdf) ABC (pdf)
Filtration media Stainless Steel  Extruded Activated Carbon Block
Pore size 2.0µm-840µm 5.0µm