Membrane Replacements

Membracon offers replacement membranes, both polymeric- and TAMI ceramic membranes for existing installations using membranes from various suppliers.


In general we will offer at least an equivalent product, but often a better product in terms of performance at a competitive price.

Our main focus is to supply polymeric spiral wound membranes for the dairy industry and TAMI ceramic membranes in most applications. (waste water, food- and beverage, environmental, pharma- and biotech.)

Membracon also offers spiral wound membranes for high temperature applications. (+70°C)



Description The TAMI retrofit involves replacing the membranes and housings of competitors without changing the existing environment (pipe, valves, etc...).
Application All applications
  • Increase the filtration performance by increasing the capacity of the filter housings ( more surface area).
  • Economical no major system enhancements only need to replace filters and housings.
  • Membranes and gaskets are 100 % compatible with existing membranes.
Technical Specifications TAMI Industries can provide the full range of ceramic tubular membranes elements with same dimensions and specifications for the replacement of old membranes in plant and machinery.