Water Filtration At Vitens

The mobile sanitairy system is using two TAMI ceramic membranes with a pore size of 0,45µm. The membrane elements are placed in series. Total membrane surface area: 1,0 m2. The nominal capacity is 600 l/h. The system is equipped with a low shear Quoattrowflow 4 piston membrane pump. Therefore the system can be used for shear sensitive bacteria and delicate proteins. In order to give a consistent flow performance the system has automated transmembrane pressure control and is equipped with fast flush and backflush options. The bacteria present in the surface water are retained by the 0,45µm TAMI ceramic membranes and concentrated to a predetermined final level. The bacteria can then be recovered for further analysis in the laboratory. For other purposes, like for instance the removal of certain contaminants like pesticides or virusses from water the system can also be used by installing ceramic membranes with tighter pore sizes.


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